Leadership Team

Board of Administration

The local Board of Administration works in partnership with the senior pastor to provide vision, general oversight, planning and coordination of the ministries of the church. The Board’s purpose is to stimulate and further the congregation’s mission and the spiritual growth and development of the entire church body. The Board provides spiritual leadership for the congregation and cares for policy, legal and financial issues, operations, property and personnel. The Board’s members are nominated to a two year term by the Nominating Committee. Three board members are elected as delegates to represent the church to the Pacific Northwest Conference annual Leadership Summit.

Board Members:

Tina C

Tina Chang, Board Chair
(through 2016)


Leonetta E


Leonetta Elaiho
(through 2016)




Bonnie Gustafson, Delegate
(through 2016)




Tricia Mason, Treasurer
(through 2016)


Sherman S


Sherman Snow, Delegate
(through 2016)



Boo Bakke

(through 2017)



Philip Kane, Delegate

(through 2017)



Rita Rossing

(through 2017)


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee proposes people to serve in the various ministries and responsibilities of the church to be voted on and affirmed at the Annual Meeting. The Committee identifies people of spiritual maturity, giftedness and fruitfulness in ministry, and provides appropriate roles for each to participate in the overall mission of the church. Members are elected for a three-year term. The team gathers for a series of meetings three to four months before board voting.

Ermias E


Ermias Ephrem
(through 2018)


Dave K


Dave Kidney
(through 2016)




Patrick Otieno
(through 2017)


Melanie U


Melanie Ukosakul
(through 2018)




Judy Knebel

(through 2017)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee works with the Board and Treasurer to ensure the transparency, accountability, good stewardship and financial health of Rainier Avenue Church.

Chair: Devin Bruckner, Treasurer
Tricia Mason
Stephanie Prokopovich
Che Wong

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee assists the board and staff with HR issues including staff job descriptions, compensation and benefits, performance reviews, hiring processes,  and employee handbook.

Chair: Van Manivanh (Board)
Tina Chang (Delegate)
Rita Rossing (HR)
Pat Tsai (Benefits/Finance)

Pastoral Team

The Pastoral Team consists of those ordained for vocational ministry and ministerial candidates in the ordination process. The team provides spiritual direction and care for the church. Some are paid staff, others are volunteer. Some also serve as Ministry Team Leaders. The Pastoral Team is accountable to the Pacific Northwest Conference.